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Hi, I’m Sarah of sarahdaviesonline.co.uk I am a wife, a mother, a career girl, a runner, domestic goddess and a geek! If you met me today you may think that I was a successful and well-balanced individual. I am, but I have not always been this way, let me tell you why…

In November 2006, I made an unconscious decision that changed my life forever.

Up until that point I had been brought up in a devout religion and, at times, experienced some real lows. As I child I was sexually abused, was obese and was bullied at school. This resulted in my childhood and teenage years being a deeply unhappy time, although at the time I believed them to be normal.

At 25 I found myself in a relationship that lasted almost 5 years, and given that the religion did not allow sex before marriage, it was, in the latter stages, a rather unhealthy place to be. I developed an eating disorder, found myself relying heavily on alcohol and had some severe self esteem issues.

Then I met Mark, my now husband. My friends and family disowned me and I found myself plunged into an unfamiliar situation of being outside of a community I had been with for 30 years.

Imagine, not having celebrated a Christmas or Birthday until you were 30, never having tasted champagne, never having aspirations or to be involved with charity work, voting, or having sex! Imagine your parents and close friends not sharing your most special and happy times, being at your wedding or sharing the joy of giving birth to your children.

With no support or any friends, within just over a year Mark and I had bought a house, moved in together, got married, had a baby and I had been ‘labeled’ with post natal depression. another 3 babies later, 5st heavier and at the point whereby I just wanted to close my eyes and never wake up!

There were no longer any excuses, I had overcome so many challenges already, I couldn’t let myself give up now.

I said to myself ” enough is enough, it’s my life and I’M going to own it, never again will I let what has happened to me control what WILL happen to me, no more victim!”

So this is me, my blog, my story, and MY take on it!!

Yours in inspiring change, no matter what!
Sarah xXx

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