I DO! Although, I didn’t until March 2010.

This is the scenario… my husband, Mark Davies, and I had booked to attend an event, Expand your Brand, back in March. We did not know what to expect, anyway to cut to the point a guest speaker was announced, Jeremy Gilley… Jeremy who? we thought… why was he so special?

The following video played on the screen…

Now, if, like me, you had the same reaction watching that, EVERYTIME I hear his voice and Annie Lennox singing I get goose bumps. As Jeremy came up to the stage, that day, he received a 10 minute standing ovation. And again part way through his speech.

So, what made this one man so remarkable?

Why did he receive such a reaction?

This is why, in his own words…

In 1999, preoccupied with questions about the fundamental nature of humanity and the most pressing issues of our time, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley launched Peace One Day and set out to find a starting point for peace. He had a mission: to document his efforts to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date.

Remarkably, two years on, he achieved his primary objective when the 192 member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace. We call that day Peace Day.

The UN International Day of Peace on 21 September every year is not only about creating peace between nations, it’s about non-violence in our homes, communities and schools. Therefore Peace Day is relevant to every human being on the planet.

Now the next major objective is to introduce 3 billion people to Peace Day by 2012.

Up until this point the one thing that sprung to mind at the mention of world peace was the character Gracie Lou Hart in Miss Congeniality, who thought it was dumb that all the Miss USA contestants wanted world peace. It turns out by the end of the film that she wanted world peace also. In other words we all like the idea of world peace and what it stands for, but for most of us we would not know where to start to put a plan like that into action!! Needless, to say that I now, thanks to Jeremy Gilley :), have a more sensible association with the term world peace! It is one thing to want world peace, it takes a whole other set of values, beliefs and dedication to take action towards making it happen. Jeremy Gilley is just that person.

I don’t think it is possible to sum him up in a few words, if I try…. he is awesome, inspirational and a true leader – that just does not do him or his work justice! His story, efforts and achievements have certainly had an impact on not only myself, but others too – would not the world be a different place if everybody did a fraction of what Jeremy does? If we smiled a bit more, did not take offense, did not hold grudges – these are small steps in comparison, but would make a significant difference if done in unity. Remember that thought, the reality is we can choose how to feel and act – what choice will you make?

We now knew who Jeremy Gilley was and, in fact, is! How did we not know????!! He is special and truly remarkable EVERYBODY should know about this guy, his story and the PeaceOneDay.org. I aim to raise awareness of Jeremy’s work and PeaceOneDay.org, any way that I can! You can get more of Jeremy’s story and information of the work Peace One Day carry out and more importantly, how you can show support for Peace Day by visiting www.peaceoneday.org

Following Expand your Brand and seeing Jeremy we both (Mark and I) support Peace One Day – we’ve even got the t-shirts :) ! Subsequently, Mark had the privilege of interviewing Jeremy for his blogtalk radio show, The Leader Within, which you can get to by following the links below

Listen to the interview with Jeremy
Download the MP3
You can also subscribe to The Leader Within Podcasts, via iTunes by searching for The Leader Within

Jeremy Gilley, you are… a truly inspirational man!

Let me leave you with this question……. “What will YOU do on Peace Day?” 21 September

Yours in peace,
Sarah xXx