Who knew?!  Just as Mark and I had decided to ‘put off’ talking about anymore children until the middle of 2013, I fall pregnant!  I am starting to believe that we should no longer have any discussion whatsoever that mention pregnancy or make reference to more children!

Yes, baby Davies number 4 is due for arrival early July 2013!  I have mixed feelings as we will have 5yr old, 3yr old, 2yr old and a newborn!  I’ve also had mixed reactions!!  We have a very hectic and stressful life right now; for many reasons! You could say that the timing, is not exactly ‘ideal’, but I know in my heart of hearts had we left ‘that’ discussion to middle of this year we would have decided not to have any more – so for that I am very grateful.

If the truth be known, we love children!  I was brought up in a family of 7 children and Mark was brought up on the likes of the Walton’s, Little House on the Prairie and Darling Buds of May.  Don’t get me wrong this is no TV show – we had just never put a ‘number’ on how many children we would have.

So, for the time being, I am going to blog a little about my 4th pregnancy, yes, 4th(??!?!), journey.  Now a pregnancy/mummy blog is not really where I want to be at – not in it’s entirety, at least!  Some of my previous posts have touched on weight and PND issues, so I intend to document my experiences in that regard, and anything else that crops up in the meantime!

At the time of this post I am 18+5wks, I am too big for my normal clothes, and maternity clothes hang rather oddly off me!  Leading me to believe that I could possibly be carrying another little lady, as I seem more wide and fat than up front with a bump! Time, will tell, of course!

To date, I have been labelled as ‘a high risk’ pregnancy, which to me me is seemingly odd, as it’s only the giving birth part that I’ve had complications – I do wonder who makes these categories and check boxes at times!  Meaning, as far as the professionals are concerned, a home or water birth is completely out of the question!

So, having been referred to the consultant, who spent the ENTIRE appointment picking up on the PND that I had also been labelled with, I am still not really any the wiser!  Had I believed I had PND, then this so called consultation could have led to me to suffer emotionally through the remainder of my pregnancy, and thereafter – do these so called professionals study anything to do with psychology, or how the brain reacts to positive and negative – clearly not!

Next on my radar is of course, weight gain!! One of the reasons we had decided to put off talking bout more children, is because I wanted to get to my pre-Emilie weight – which was 2st away from where I was.  I managed to pile on a staggering 5st with my 3rd, and when I fell pregnant this time, I was 1st away from where I was when I fell pregnant with Harry (3rd).  Yes, a lot of weight, a lot of pregnancies!!  This is, perhaps, a whole post on it’s own!

Ok, I have set the scene ;), let the remainder of this little journey commence!!

Yours in ‘not just another pregnancy blog’ ;)!!

Sarah xXx